Wide Coffee Mugs (Body, Base, & Mouth)

Whenever you go to a nice cafe and order a cup of coffee or specialty espresso based drink like cappuccino they tend to serve it to you on a stylish wide body coffee cup. I for one love the experience of drinking my coffee out of wide mugs because you get a bit more of the aroma from the drink while you take your sips – plus it just feels fancy.

Most homes have a kitchen cabinet that is well stocked with a variety of standard coffee cups but if you’ve got the room it’s nice to get a set (or at least just one) wide body coffee mug.

Here at WideBaseTravelMugs.com we specialize in wide bottom travel mugs but we also offer a variety of coffee cups that are wide and short.

If you are looking for a wide bottom coffee mug, wide mouth coffee cup, or just an over-sized coffee cup we hope you’ll find what you are looking for here on our site.

Below you’ll find some of the more popular wide coffee mugs we offer.

The Best Wide Coffee Mugs For Your Home Set

On this site we have an entire section devoted to insulated coffee mugs. These are different in that they are not insulated. They are simply classic styled cups just like you would drink out of at the local cafe.

 Set of 4 Jumbo 18oz Wide-mouth Soup & Cereal Ceramic Coffee Mugs Two 20oz. Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mugs Fiesta 18-Ounce Jumbo Cup, Cobalt Stackable Porcelain Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 9 Pc Set Norpro My Favorite Mugs, Set of Two 4 Pack – 24 ounce Cobalt Blue Seattle Jumbo Mug 4 Pack – 30 ounce Mighty Mug – Jumbo Mug – White Maxwell and Williams Cashmere Cappuccino Cup and Saucer, 12-Ounce Fiesta 18-Ounce Jumbo Cup, Ivory Teaz Cafe 24 oz. Jumbo Mug [Set of 4] Color: Citron Teaz Cafe 24 oz. Jumbo Mug [Set of 4] Color: White Set of 2 Double Wall Latte / Cappucino Mugs, an Insulated 13 Ounce Glass Cup. Perfect for Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, or Hot Chocolate. By Lily’s Home

When Short Coffee Mugs Make a Difference

I assume since you are on this page you know that short wide coffee mugs are great for sipping coffee slowly at home but where they make the biggest difference is when you go out of your way to make the best coffee possible.

Why would you serve coffee in a a wide mouth cup versus a standard shape and size mug? Because the width of the opening usually offers ample room for your nose to fit inside giving you better access to your sense of smell.

As we all know the taste of anything is greatly affected by the way our nose interacts with it. If you’ve got a cold then you can’t taste things nearly as well.

With coffee you want to be able to smell it because it’s such an aromatic beverage. It will help you taste the coffee better and actually enjoy it a bit more. This affect is amplified when you are actually making the best coffee possible. Freshly ground beans brewed to perfection. There is a reason why coffee shops and cafes around the world serve their coffee this way. It makes you enjoy their product that much more.

At home you shouldn’t drink it any other way. Enjoy your coffee. Brew it to the highest standard possible and serve it like you care.

Anyway, we know buying wide coffee cups isn’t right for all situations but I firmly believe their is a place for a short and fat coffee cup in everyone’s kitchen cabinet. Just click on the links up above to get pricing and product detail information for all of these wide coffee mug sets and thanks for your patronage.

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