Wide Bottom Insulated Plastic Coffee Mugs

A wide bottom plastic coffee mug is the perfect travel mug (or coffee cup) for both people on the go and those sitting at a desk all day. Plastic mugs are typically dishwasher and microwave safe and they are usually a lot cheaper than their stainless steel cousins.

Most insulated travel mugs are tall and narrow but these wide base mugs make it much tougher to tip over when your mug isn’t sitting in a cup holder. In my home I almost always use wide bottomed coffee mugs; they just feel right to me.

Wide Base Plastic Travel Mugs

Although I typically use stainless mugs around the house there are a lot of quality insulated plastic mugs to choose from. Here are some of the best options in the category.

 Two 20oz. Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mugs 2 ThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs 34 oz (1)Blue & (1)Black 20oz. Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mug- Green 20oz. Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mug – Blue 20oz. Foam Insulated Wide Body Thermoserv Mug (Black)

Why Would I Want to Buy Plastic Anyway?

The thing is that plastic is a lot cheaper than stainless steel. You’ll never find vacuum sealed plastic travel mugs either so the technology that goes intot heir construction isn’t as great either.

All of this leads to the price – plastic mugs are way cheaper than the alternatives. Plastic also doesn’t break like ceramic does so they are more durable – packaging doesn’t have to be so meticulous with plastic.

Basically if you want a cheap wide bottom travel mug that you:

  • don’t have to worry about breaking,
  • is dishwasher safe,
  • and is microwave safe

…then plastic is your best bet.

One other thing I like about these is that they seem almost disposable. I know they aren’t but they seem that way. Because they don’t cost much I don’t feel like I need to treat them with the respect I show my better mugs. If mugs could be a source of stress then these would be your freedom.

Lastly, one important thing to keep in mind is that plastic mugs don’t usually keep your coffee as hot as some other options. You just can’t get a good vacuum seal with plastic.

If you want something to keep coffee hotter longer see this page.

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