Wide Base Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Here are some of my favorite wide bottom ceramic mugs for sale. Lots of them are basic coffee mug while others are travel mug style and come with a lid.

Although most wide mugs are better suited for a desk or for use in the home if you have a vehicle with a flat space many of these (the one’s with lids) will do OK as an occasional commuter mug.

 Cobalt Blue Glossy Auto Cruiser Ceramic Mug Starbucks Ceramic Mug With Lid, 14oz HighWave H1406 18oz Hotjo Black Travel Mug Wide Bottom Ceramic Mug Cream on Rust Glossy Black Auto Cruiser Ceramic Desk Mug Midnight Mocha Wide Bottom Pottery Mug 20 Oz Hunter Green Glossy Auto Cruiser Ceramic Mug Travel Style Wide Bottom Pottery Mug in Dreamsicle 13 oz Owl Ceramic Mug (Snow) Travel Style Wide Bottom Stoneware Mug in Red on Black Yosemite Wide Bottom Mug in Cobalt 16-20 Oz

In case you missed it I’d also recommend seeing this page dedicated to the wide bottom mugs that keep coffee hot for longer periods of time. Basically these are the mugs that have the best thermal retention.

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