WideBaseTravelMug.com is dedicated to bringing you the biggest selection of high quality wide bottom travel mugs at the best prices possible.

These mugs are great for:

  • older vehicles that don’t have cup holders,
  • desk workers who don’t want to use top heavy insulated tumblers,
  • people with kids around who are prone to spilling cups,
  • or for anyone who simply likes the wide bottomed style

My name is Christopher. I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for years and I’ve always worked at a desk. I’ve been a long time convert to the wide bottomed insulated mug. Currently the mug I use more than any other is the Trudeau Umbria. It’s a relatively cheap mug but it looks amazing and it keeps my coffee hot for around an hour.

In the car I’d like it to keep it hotter longer but when you are 10 steps away from the coffee pot basic insulation does just fine. If you do need something with better insulation see my page dedicated to wide base mugs that keep coffee hot for a long time rather than my bestsellers page.

I know there are lots of different mugs out there and lots of people have different needs so I won’t hard sell you on my mug of choice. I think it’s important to provide my readers and customers an experience where I help them find products that meet their needs. When they are looking for a selection of wide base travel mugs to choose from then I want to give them what they expect and empower them to decide for themselves which is best for their needs and budget.

Please, take a look at my site and find something that looks like it will work for you.To start off with let me recommend my homepage or one of the following pages dedicated to specific types of mugs we sell here on the site.

  • Large Travel Mugs – Here is the main sales page of all travel mugs that are oversized. Some have wide bases while others don’t but if you want a bigger mug then you’ll find them here.
  • Wide Coffee Mugs – On this page I feature a bunch of wide bottom coffee mugs rather than insulated travel mugs. These will not keep your coffee hot for long but will rather look and feel like a regular coffee cup only they have a wide footprint.
  • Travel Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot All day – These wide bottom mugs are the opposite of the coffee mugs linked above. These are just insulated travel mugs and they will keep your coffee hot for a long time.

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