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Our Featured Wide Base Coffee Mugs

Wide Bottom 16oz Patterson Desk Mug, Blue16oz Hot Java Mugs Patterson Desk Mug, Blue Finish
This insulated fat bottom coffee mug is also double wall insulated but with air rather than foam or a vacuumed space void of air. This keeps costs down but allows for a faster heat exchange. It’s got a very comfortable lip to drink from and looks great on a desk. This is also probably the best priced mug out there too.

18oz Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Chubby Coffee Mug Cup18oz Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Chubby Coffee Mug Cup
This is a big mug that holds a lot of coffee. It is made of stainless steel so it’s durable and it’s double wall foam insulated. This means it’s going to keep your coffee hot much longer than cheaper mugs that only insulate with air.

16oz Low Rider No Tip Wide Bottom Desk Mug - Black16oz Low Rider No Tip Desk Mug – Black
This mug can be washed in the dishwasher and features double wall insulation. It’s made of plastic and has a spill resistant lid. You can even put it in the microwave if you want to.
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Descriptions of these types of insulation can be found below.

Know What You’re Getting

Are you looking at getting a fat bottomed insulated mug? There are things you should know about insulation before you shell out your money. Not all insulation is the same as you surely know.

There are a few basic types of mug insulation and they all perform differently. Consequently you should be prepared to spend more on better insulation technology.

Single Wall

The vast majority of mugs and cups feature single wall construction. If they are made from ceramic, glass, or porcelain they tend to be a basic coffee cup. You may be able to find metal cups but they are less common. As you know these are not going to hold temperature steady for long.

Double Wall With Air Between The Walls

The most basic type of insulation in the travel mug space is the double walled construction. Between the walls is air which slows the heat transfer although not by much. To get a better insulative barrier you need to replace the air with foam.

Double Wall Foam Insulation

Foam is a much better insulation than air because it slows the transfer of heat much more effectively. Even still foam does transfer heat much quicker than a tight airless vacuum.

Double Walled Vacuum Insulation

The vacuum technology is much more advanced and the quality of the mug has to be much higher. A person shopping for a vacuum insulated travel mug should expect to spend much more but expect a far better product.

Here on WideBaseTravelMug.com we feature wide base coffee mugs of all kinds in all different price ranges. As an educated consumer you should be prepared to spend more money on the mugs featuring better technology and construction. Although big bottom coffee mugs are not as plentiful as tumblers or cup shapes there are a lot of them.

We have hand selected the best options on the market relative to their features and price. We want to offer you only the best wide base travel mugs so that finding the right mug is a bit easier.

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